Skate Gear Soft Boot Roller Skate, Retro Fashion High Top Design in Faux Leather for Indoor & Outdoor (Classic Black, Men's 10 / Women's 11)


    • RETRO BOOT STYLE - Classic, high top boot with colorful laces for a pop of color.
    • LIGHT & AGILE - Soft-leather style features 54x32mm wheels in 95A PU material.
    • FLEXIBLE FIT - Pliable faux leather boot is ultra soft and provides plenty of mobility.
    • SMOOTH RIDE - Durable wheels absorb shock for an easy ride.
    • STAND OUT - Available in playful colors in adult & youth sizes.

    Product Detail

    Product Description

    Mega-Versatile Use

    This cool retro design takes it back to the good old days. Not just with looks, but with functionality too. No fancy bells and whistles or complicated high-tech features - just one sleek skate that does it all. Whether you're jam skating, rhythm skating or just having fun at the rink, the Skate Gear Soft Boot Roller Skates move with you so you can have a blast no matter where you go.

    Great Gift for Rookie Skaters

    From little ones hitting the rink for the first time to kids-at-heart just looking to have a little fun, these skates are the perfect gift for newbies of all ages. Their multi-faceted design keeps skaters moving and gives unparalleled support that's perfect for when you're still learning the ropes.

    Awesome Performance

    54x32mm 95A polyurethane wheels offer insane agility and movement on the skate rink. Plus, ABEC 608ZZ bearings are super tough and provide unbeatable reliability. The Skate Gear Soft Boot Roller Skates are the best choice for all levels of skaters.