Kutrick Pro Scooter Pegs Set with Axle Hardware 2.5", 3.0",3.5" for Freestyle Scooter Grinds

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  • Grade 12.9 axle with lock nut(2.5", 3.0" ,3.5" )give more choice when utilize axle lengh.
  • Made of high grade 6061 Aluminium and strong/lightweight ideal for street riding/Grinding.
  • 2.5" Axle with One Peg in Front and 3.0"/3.5" Axle in Rear,install 2pegs Axle should be longer.
  • When you original scooter wheels orn out or mean to upgrade,kutrick also selling quality wheels.

Product Detail

Product Description

Good to know for the Kutrick Scooter Pegs
Model:scooter pegs with Axle
Package: 2pcs (A set)
Brand: Kutrick
Peg Size:
Peg material: Aluminum
Axle size:1 x 55mm ,1 x75mm,1 x90mm(Fit most scooter decks and forks)
Axle material: Grade 12.9 carbon steel
Design: Neo Chrome(Beautiful looking)
Price is for 2pcs peg with 3pcs Axle

Compatible scooter models for Different Axle Length
Axle 2.5":Normally used in the scooter front wheel
Compatible models:Razor (Pro, Ultra Pro, Pro X, XX, XXX),Madd Gear Pro/Team/Ninja/Nitro,Grit Extremist/Mayhem/Fluxx/Elite,Envy prodigy/Declare and more(Install Two Pegs in front need to add 0.5"?

Axle 3":Normally used in the scooter rear wheel
Compatible models:ENVY,MGP 4 inch decks,TSI Flight,GRIT,Sacrifice,Fasen,UrbanArtt and more

Axle 3.5":Normally used in the scooter rear wheel
Compatible models:Razor (Pro, Ultra Pro, Pro X, XX, XXX, Black Label),District V4,Phoenix,MGP 4 inch decks,CRISP,Lucky and more

should we choose the scooter pegs?
Pegs are a gateway to a whole new bag of tricks and ideas. With pegs you can do ice pick grinds and toothpicks. You can do tricks into 5050s and out of 5050s. They just make grinding so much easier and stylish.so if you like doing smith grinds and are more of a "street" styled rider, pegs are definitely for you.The amount of tricks you can do with pegs is endless. They open up so many new possibilities that they're well worth the money and kutrick consider every scooter rider should at least buy a pair of pegs and try them.