Easton Stealth 75S Ice Skates [JUNIOR]

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Being the middle child is hard, but the Easton Stealth 75S Ice Skates hold their own...with a little attitude. Positioned in the exact middle of the Stealth lineup, the Stealth 75Ss offer a just right combination of technologies borrowed from its high-end siblings, without becoming a fully fledged top of the line skate. Borrowed from the 85S is the Molded Thermoformable Quarter Package, a mouth full we know, it simply means the boot is anatomically molded to start and can be baked to further form the boot to your ankles anatomy. This lessons the break in period and helps to prevent blisters. The 75Ss immediately give you a quick connection to the ice, just as the 85Ss would, with a low-profile outsole featuring Dry Flow. Not only does this outsole let the boot flex slightly with your foot, it also lets you feel every stride, corner, and cut straight from the ice to your feet, giving you the advantage. Dry Flow in the outsole is constantly working to keep your feet dry within the boot, ultimately keeping your foot in place rather than sliding within the boot because of moisture. As hockey players, we love those back to back game days and also dread them because our skates never fully dry in between games. To take care of that Easton has equipped the 75Ss with a quick drying moisture management lining. This liner is specially designed to dry skates faster, which in the end gives you fresh skates to step into before game time and reduces the risk of blisters. Each tongue features an anatomical profile with integrated lace bite protection which fits snug against the front of your ankle protecting you from shots, slashes, and the ever annoying lace bite. Rounding out the 75Ss are the Razor Bladz II Holders, designed with optimal height on the heel helping you stay power stance ready, on top of Eastons aggressive Elite Runners. Borrowing from your siblings is ok as long as you return it. Well we never said the 75S was the perfect middle child. With an attitude of their ow