Easton Mako M8 Ice Skates [JUNIOR]

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Explosive skating continues to evolve at Easton. The Mako M8 Ice Skates, with several patent-pending design enhancements to the boot form, guard and quarter panels, are setting a new standard in performance and speed. The skates patent-pending glass composite bootform protects as well as it performs. The patent-pending Extendon guard and deep contour design creates a unique system for natural movement, allowing for easier strides. Combining the Extendon guard and deep contour design creates the Mako M8 Ice Skates unique skating system that gives unrestricted natural movement. Patent-pending asymmetrical quarter panel patterns allow these skates to fall in line with your direction of travel to generate speed and power through cornering. An aggressive CXN blade pitch lets you get over the front of the skate and drive more down-force into the ice. The Mako M8 Ice Skates have a multi-density Ortholite footbed for comfort and stability. Its moisture-wicking lining works to keep sweat from becoming a problem. A lightweight tongue with injected metatarsal protection keeps your foot reinforced while maintaining the ability to move freely. Ice hockey is a game of seconds. Get the best advantage by picking up the Mako M8 Ice Skates. 30-day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee Receive a store credit at place of purchase for the total value if you're not satisfied. Applicable to Mako II, Mako M8 (SR/JR) and Mako II Youth ice skates. Ask your store representative for full details. Original receipt required. Void where prohibited. Valid at Easton Hockey authorized and participating store locations.