Easton Mako Gloves [JUNIOR]

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Being quick with your hands, your feet, and most of all your mind can keep you from falling prey on the ice. With the innovative technologies found in the top of the line Easton Mako Gloves, you'll experience quicker hands, added protection, and a more natural state of mind - placing you firmly at the top of the food chain - preying on the slower hands of the veterans and prospects alike. In conventional gloves, the finger breaks are exposed, which leaves protection gaps at each knuckle and offers no dynamic finger movement. Easton designed the Makos so that players can have faster fingers, which means faster hands. The Mako gloves sport a design not seen before in hockey gloves. Instead of these two or three exposed finger breaks, the Makos breaks are reversed placed under the padding and closer to your fingers. This not only gives you more protection, it gives you better aerodynamics while stick handling or hustling down the wing. Youll also experience a more natural finger flex with more feel for the shaft. On breakaways, back-checking, or just fighting to keep the puck in the offensive zone, hockey players take slash upon slash. With the molded High Density foam backroll housing, and muscular side blocks with PE inserts, youll worry less about being slashed and focus more on setting up the next play for the game winning goal. Durability is obviously a top concern of many players. You dont want the palm wearing out after only a months worth of games. To combat wear, the palm is reinforced with extra durable Whiteout Suede leather. Dont be the prey. Be quick. Be shark-likeMako-like with the durable, protected, and innovative Mako gloves.