Cal 7 Caution 7.5 Complete Skateboard, 52x31 99A PU

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  • 7.50 x 31 inch 7 ply Maple deck, medium concave
  • 52x31mm 99A Durometer PU wheels
  • ABEC 7 bearings and 5 inch aluminum trucks
  • 3mm riser pads and HR95A bushings
  • 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty

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Product Description

Look out below! The Cal 7 Caution 7.5 Complete Skateboard, 99A PU 52x31 Wheels is a versatile, stable board for all skill levels, in the ideal width for youth skaters and adults with smaller feet.

Symmetrical, double kicktail, medium concave deck design offers a solid ride, whether you're leading with your left or right foot. Edge to edge black grip tape grabs and holds whether you're carving or jumping. Underside artwork takes inspiration from signs commonly seen in parks, and the center ply of the deck is stained with a coordinating color to add style.

Hard, 99A Durometer 52mm diameter wheels and mid height, aluminum trucks with a wide wheel base take you from street to park. 3mm riser pads help prevent dreaded wheel bite. Medium, HR95A bushings keep the roll steady and add pop to your tricks. Precision ABEC 7 bearings offer just enough speed without loss of control.

7 ply Maple construction makes this a durable board you'll be riding for many years to come.


Length: 31 inches

Width: 7.50 inches

Wheelbase: 16.5 inches

Concave Depth: Medium

Deck Plys: 7

Construction: Maple

Trucks: Aluminum, 5 inches

Riser Pads: 3mm

Bushings: Medium, HR95A

Bearings: ABEC 7

Wheels: Hard 99A Durometer Polyurethane, 52x31mm

Griptape: Standard Black