Boulder Hockey Shield Avision Ahead Combo Full Shield [JUNIOR]

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Now you can have the clarity of a half shield with the protection of a full facemask thanks to the Avision Ahead Hockey Facemask by Boulder Hockey. Complete with cage, frame, polycarbonate lenses, chin cup, straps and mounting hardware, this mask offers players a new choice between the better vision visor's provide, and the protection provided by full fasemasks. The replaceable lenses are 100% fog-free and scratch resistant on both sides. The polycarbonate cage-frame is super-strong and weighs in at just 5.2 ounces. It is able to offer you great vision while remaining lightweight and breathable - thanks to the Air-foil design which channels air flow to cool the players face. The Avision Ahead Mask fits all major brand helmets. Top to bottom vertical length is 7.5, inside diameter width 7.5. This accommodates most medium, small and extra small brand name helmets. Proudly made in Boulder and Denver Colorado USA.