Bauer Vapor X80 Ice Skates [JUNIOR]

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  • Consisting of a standard width through the toe box and forefoot with a low-volume, narrower fit in the heel and ankle, the X80 Junior offers the lowest-volume fit overall when compared to its Supreme and Nexus counterparts.
  • Designed for dynamic speed, offers quickness and flexibility for the fastest players
  • Anatomical - snug
  • Tech mesh with thermoformed X-rib pattern
  • Patented pro-integrated, anatomical heel/ankle support

Product Detail

Product Description

In many ways, Vapor has long been the skate that all others are compared to. With countless pairs sold and overwhelming NHL use, the Vapor legacy is simply undeniable. The Bauer Vapor X80 Junior provides high-end stiffness and support with an iconic Vapor fit.