Bauer Supreme 160 Ice Skates [JUNIOR]

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Nothing can stop you with Bauers Supreme 160 Ice Skates on your feet except a well-timed check into the boards. These ice skates are an affordable buy for a player looking to get a new replacement pair. And just like the name suggests, the Bauer Supreme line of skates is a supreme choice for performance, comfort and style. These skates feature the Tuuk Super Stainless Steel runners which are fitted into the Tuuk Lightspeed Edge blade holder. This blade holder provides increased height for the tightest possible turns and a trigger removal system for easy replacement in the future. The 3D Reinforced Trueform Tech PU quarter package provides a comfortable, sturdy fit. The skates molded footbed features integrated heel support for a comfortable, tight fit. Anaform Fit foam ankle pads keep your ankles secure and hydrophobic microfiber liners help wick away moisture. A good pair of ice skates can bring you one stride closer to achieving maximum efficiency and performance. When youre looking for these qualities in a middle-of-the-line skate, you know youll be getting good value for your dollar. The Supreme 160 Ice Skates maintain the comfort that one expects from Bauer skates and perform well, too.