Babolat Kid's Home Tennis Starter Kit - USTA Approved 10 and Under Tennis Equipment

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  • The Babolat Kid's Tennis Starter kit is a great way to introduce children to the great game of tennis!
  • INCLUDED: This bundle includes one 18 foot babolat mini tennis net and a Babolat Quickstart mini tennis kit
  • TENNIS KIT: Set up your court with 12 yellow court lines and 4 corner pieces. Run drills and improve aim with 8 larger cones, 8 small cones and 8 flat targets
  • MINI NET: Light and modular. Easy to set up and take down. 18 feet long, adjusts from 34 - 36 inches in height. Also works great as a badmitton net

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The Babolat Kid's home tennis starter kit includes all the equipment required to set up a USTA Quick Start tennis court, reccomended for ages 8 and under. The QuickStart Tennis play format uses courts and nets that are scaled to the size and ability level of young children. Quickly and easily set up a 36' x 18' tennis court for home or professional instruction, using the included court lines and corner markers, then run drills and improve aim with colorful cones and targets. Keep it all together in the durable mesh bag for quick clean up after practice.