aGreatLife Premium Kite for Kids - Ice Cream Kite

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  • 🍦 AMAZE YOUR CHILDREN WITH A UNIQUE GIANT TOY: Surprise them with this ICE CREAM KITE for the beach with a cool and adorable design! It truly is one of the best kites for best adventure.
  • 🍦 EASY TO ASSEMBLE AND FLY: This durable vibrant easy flier kite is specially designed for simple assembly with a child-friendly handle so kids under 10 can launch and fly it on their own.
  • 🍦 GET OUTSIDE AND KEEP HEALTHY: Build healthy habits today for strong bodies tomorrow. Kite flying will always be one of the most exciting outdoor games for children and the whole family.
  • 🍦 COMES WITH SPOOLS, STRINGS, EXTRA TAIL AND INSTRUCTION EBOOK: We provide instructional guide on how to fly this delicious-looking huge kite. What better way to bond with your children than to learn together?
  • 🍦 LIFEPROOF. aGreatLife the makers of Diamond Kite, offers products that are guaranteed to be reliable, safe and durable. Get in touch with us should anything go amiss with your product and we'll replace it at no cost to you.

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GET UP, GET OUT AND GO FLY THE SWEET ICE CREAM KITE! IT'S THE SWEETEST LOOKING KITE IN THE SKY! What could be sweeter than having an Ice Cream Kite up in the air? It flies so beautifully that even the birds and the bees will get enthralled. Anyone who basks in the great outdoors and holds the string to a kite soaring above is most likely to be overcome with a sense of joy and accomplishment. As you hold the string yourself, you are likely to feel a rush of childhood memories and a great sense of excitement and relaxation. So what are you waiting for? Get off the couch and put your gadgets aside. Go fly the Sweet Ice Cream Kite and BE HEALTHIER AND HAPPIER! We all Scream for Ice Cream! CUTE AND DURABLE Who doesn't like ice cream? This Sweet Ice Cream Kite not only looks good, it flies amazingly. It is a well-built, solidly constructed kite that you can enjoy. PERFECT FOR KITE FESTIVALS If you want to join a kite festival and are looking for a unique and durable kite that will stand out, then you've got the perfect solution - the Sweet Ice Cream Kite. It's very easy to assemble, pleasantly easy to get up in the air and flies gracefully. A Timeless Way To Bond With Your Children What better way to bond with your children than fly a kite together? This unique Ice Cream Kite is both an eye-catcher and a great excuse to spend time with your kids. Teach them how to assemble the kite, guide them as they read the eBook guide on basic kite techniques, and form memories that you'll all treasure for years to come. WITH FREE STRING, STURDY RODS AND A KID-FRIENDLY HANDLE It's a complete set so you've got all you need! The 30-m string will let you fly the Ice Cream Kite as high enough in the sky and the child-friendly handle makes it suitable and easier for children to control.