ZeHuoGe Green 24" Unicycle Excellent Manganese Steel Frame Leakage Protection Mute Bearing US Delivery (Green, 24")

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  • Frame: Excellent Manganese Steel,Standard Frame of Unicycle.Crank Arms: WHEEL TOP Crank,International Quality.Pedal: YONG HUA Pedals with Chromoly Spindles,International Quality. Weight Limit: 154 lbs
  • Outer Tire: Excelletn Skid Proof Mountain Tire.Inner Tire: Leakage Protection Butyl tire,No second Inflation for 3 Months.Bearing: Heavy Manganese Steel Mute Bearing.
  • Saddle: Large Saddle with Removable Poly-nylon Guarded Rails.Seat Post Clamp: Quick Release,Alloy Aluminum.Rim: Extra Thick Alloy Aluminum Rim.Fork: Steel Fork with Powder Coated Finish.
  • Great for both Novices and Professionals,Men and Women.Rational designed according to somatology and movement features.
  • To keep in mind: Novices should ride under the instructions or accompany of your tutors for safety.And the best place for your training is a back deck or a baseball field with a chain-link fence. Pick a grassy area with solid, flat dirt and you can hold onto the fence.

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Riding unicycle is to train your balance and strength.Whether you are a novice or a professional rider,it is rather important that you choose the right unicycle with good quality.And with somatological design and top quality,this is just the one you are looking for!

Package Contents:
1 x 24" Wheel Unicycle

Tips for selecting a suitable unicycle:
Unicycle Size Recommended User Height Weight Limit Distance ( Seat - Pedal ) Unicycle Height ( Adjustable ) Steel Spokes
16"45"- 61"110 lbs15" - 29"28" - 32"28
18"53" - 65"132 lbs15" - 30"30" - 34"28
20"57" - 69"143 lbs15" - 32"32" - 36"36
24"69" or Above154 lbs17" - 33"36" - 40"36

Remember when you're seated on the unicycle,with one foot on a pedal in its lowest position, your leg should be almost straight.