you-beat-you-land Light Up Led Inline Skates Pu Wheels Outdoor and Indoor Rollerblades Rubber Wheels Pack of 4-Pink 72

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  • PU(Rubber),4-pack
  • Fit for outdoor and indoor.
  • Bearings and spacers are included.
  • The wheels will light up when you are skating, Included 4 lights(No 3 lights),Brighter than others.
  • 88A hardness,64mm,68mm and 70mm is suitable for children,72mm,76mm and 80mm is suitable for adult.

Product Detail

Product Description

-Lights'number:4 Led lights.
-Size of diameter: 64mm/68mm/70mm/72mm/76mm/80mm.
-Color:white,blue,green,pink. multiple
-Bearings:Standard ABEC-7 608z inline skates bearings.
-Spacer:Standard spacers.
-Gift box:We send you a colourful gift box,you do not have to pay any money.

Package included
-4 x LED Inline Skates Wheels.

-Do not skate in the rain or on the wet ground: Skating on such a floor will
make water and dirt into the ball bearing, the bearing sealing performance will be reduced.
-Frequent exchange of wheel positions will greatly improve their service life.
-Do not squeeze the bearing forcefully.