Yaegoo 49CC 2 Stroke Engine Motor for Mini Pocket Bike Scooter Dirt Bikes ATV Quad Motorized Bicycle (C)


    • Complete assembled 49CC 2 Stroke Engine.
    • The sprocket on this engine fits T8F chains.
    • Gas mix oil rate is 25:1.
    • Suitable for: 47cc/49cc Pocket bike, mini dirt bike, ATVs and so on.

    Product Detail

    Product Description

    Engine equipped with:

    ★Air filter

    ★Pull starter


    ★Spark plug

    ★Intake Manifold

    ★Clutch and clutch housing

    ★6 tooth sprocket (for T8F chain)

    ★Engine head and piston set

    ★Wires for kill switch


    ★Everything else you see on the engine that's not mentioned