Woshishei UFO Deformation Ball Soccer 3 LED Lights Magic Flying Football Flat Throw Ball Toy Game (Red)


    • We understand that the importance of the interaction between people on the mental health of children's growth,so we have fully take this into account in the process of designing and development of toys ,so that children can deep experience with their parents and friends of interaction and enhance emotional communication.
    • Health sport toy for kids. New UFO deformation ball, breaking the conventional ball games, play for fun and safe. Go hand in hand with your friends,brothers and parents,enjoy your Parent-child time.
    • Flying-discs shape throw,becomes spherical in the air. Hand gossip a frisbee,smooth the gossip frisbee throw it.
    • Material: ABS engineering plastics
    • Specifications: diameter 15cm. Weight:200g

    Product Detail

    Product Description

    How to Play:
    your hands forced to the middle of the ball,after the middle of the suction cup force into the shape like a UFO(flying discs), then thrown out. (Please Note:To play in the spacious outdoor, to avoid accidental injury to others.)
    Warm Tips:
    Before you force the ball into a flying discs,use your finger to gently wipe the suction cup in middle of the ball, so it can keep the status of the flying discs a little longer, until you throw it out.
    Package Included:
    1* 3 LED Lights Magic Flying Football