Winnwell AMP500 Youth Hockey Gloves - Black (8")


    • EVA Foam adds comfort to areas where needed
    • Foam provides high level of protection throughout all impact zones
    • Polyester Knit Shell Fabric creates a durable glove
    • Fabric contains beneficial microbe and enzyme systems that break down the sweat/odor instead of masking it
    • Patented CleanSport NXT technology kills bacteria that causes odor

    Product Detail

    Product Description

    The Winnwell AMP500 Youth Hockey Gloves are a great set of gloves for any young growing hockey player that values high quality equipment and top tier performance. These gloves contain a patented CleanSport NXT technology that kills odor causing bacteria and breaks them down rather than attempting to mask the smell. Another cool feature is the EVA Foam which adds a great layer of protection over high impact zones as well as providing comfort to the players hand. Overall, the Winnwell AMP500 Youth Hockey Gloves is a solid piece of equipment that will keep you protected and help you perform at the top level.