UTTORA Flying Ball, Kids RC Flying Toys Infrared Induction Helicopter Ball Kids Gadgets Mini Drone Flying Toys Built-in 7 Color Changing LED Lights for Kids Adults

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  • Color change LED lights 7 different color light, everytime induced by your hand, it will auto fly up again and change to a different colors, it will look amazing at night. It has great visual appeal for any children. Especially at night in a darkened room it looks very fantastic.
  • Intelligent Induction Flight There are inductive transmitters and inductive receivers at the bottom of the ball. When the child turns on the switch, it will automatically start flying in 2 or 3 seconds. The flying ball can sense objects down or nearby, and it moves intelligently away. So the child only needs to put his hand on the bottom of the flying ball, and they can control the flying ball wirelessly. It is really a magical toy.
  • High-quality Materials Made of high-quality, environmentally friendly non-toxic materials, built-in rechargeable battery, light weight and easy to operate. The structure is sturdy and the blades are not easily deformed, so the flying ball will resist the damage when it falls.
  • Suitable for any location The flying ball is small, lightweight and easy to operate. Children can enjoy good time with their friends in the living room, garden, park and other places.
  • Multiple protection flight protection: When the child opens the flying ball, the ball will automatically sense the following objects and fly away; ③anti-collision protection: when When the toy hits something, it automatically closes to avoid damage;②boot protection: when you turn on the switch, the flying ball will delay the flight for 3 seconds to ensure safety; ④environmentally friendly: made of non-toxic materials, the flying ball is safe for your child and the environment.

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Operation Instruction 
turn on the power switch on the heliball, wait for 3 seconds,the heliball will start automatically. Then you can uses hands to induction control it. 
Uses hands to control the heliball,it will flying up. 
When the heliball is low battery, the heliball will decline slowly. Uses hands to hold on the heliball and then turn off the power switch. 
Use Charging,Connect USB cable to charging hole of the heliball, the prower light on,The charging time is about 20 minutes

Important safety precautions:
  Keep away from faces and eyes. 
Do not launch at people or animals. 
use the charger included in this package to recharge the battery in flying saucer. 
Keep fingers away from moving propellers when in use. 
Make sure people around you are aware you are playing with flying saucer. 
Do not flying saucer near overhead cables. trees buildings or any other obstructions. 
Always turn OFF when not in use.