TOOTO 16 pcs Colorful Flower Growing Toy Gardening Tools Kid Gift Education Expansion Indoor Outdoor Toys

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  • Grow imaginations with this bountiful garden play set
  • Simple in/out play along with learning new words keep kids active, learning, and having fun
  • Part of the New Sprouts line perfect for inviting early imaginative play with pieces that are durable and easy to hold-soft, plastic parts make them especially safe for toddlers
  • Teach your kids how to how to grow plants in daily life
  • Bring more happiness and build more closer psychological bond

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Every child is genius on imitation and leaning. Actually, all kids lean their skills by imitate their parents and older people`s actions.
Kids are curious how you do and want to imitate it when their parents trying to growing some plants/fruits/vegetable. This is the normal life and very comment skill for humen.
You would need our emulational gardening tool set to teach them how it works and protect them from getting hurt.
These toys are safe,practical and economic. And can brings your kids more happyness during the playing and leaning times.