TINTON LIFE Protection Hip EVA 3D Padded Shorts Pants Protective Gear Guard Pad Ski Skiing Skating Snowboard Unisex Adult/Children

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  • Impact Resistance - 1.18"(3 cm) thick EVA pads, strong impact resistance.
  • Function - Perfect protector and guard for vulnerable hip, tailbone, sit bone and thighs with ample padding constructed design to prevent from falling injury.
  • Breathable Material - The material is lightweight and soft to wear inside or outside pants. The mesh vent strap in front is breathable to wick out moisture and keeping a fresh and cool fit.
  • Protective Gear for - skiing, snowboarding, ice skating, figure skating, roller skating, skateboard, scooter, derby and most indoor and outdoor sports.
  • 5 SIZE - Please Choose from variation More details about the size, pleas refer to details.

Product Detail

Product Description

High-quality skiing padded shorts are a great choice for rider from inexperienced beginners to week end warriors and straight up ski bums. It give you the confidence and not be afraid to fall in the competitive snowboarding. Besides, the shorts bring you warmth while doing winter sports.

A great guard for the old man from injury when sudden falls down or slid down. They will be great partner for any sports with no fear of hurt!

Suitable Sports: Roller Sports, Mountain Biking, Downhill, Trail, Snowboarding, Skating.

Breathable Lightweight Soft Stretchy Fabric.
100% elastic cotton core.
1.18"(3 cm) thick EVA pads(it is new environmental material with great cushioning, shock resistance, heat insulation function. It is durable use without deformation.)

Size Chart:
Kids XS(for Weigh within 60 Pounds)
Kids S(for Weigh 60-88 Pounds)
Adult-M(for Weigh 88-120 Pounds)
Adult-L(for Weigh 120-198 Pounds)
Adult-XL(for Weigh 200-265 Pounds)
Size Lable XS,S are kids sizes. Please choose one size up if you want loose size.
Size Lable M,L,XL are adult sizes. Please choose one size up if you want loose size.

Though it's machine washable, we recommend hand wash and hand dry your padded skiing shorts.