T-ball Set / Kids Tee Ball - With 8 Balls - Baseball Toy - Batting Tee - Develops and Improves Baseball, Softball, Wiffle Ball Skills for Children / Boy's And Girl's And Toddlers Ages 1-12. by TUNDRAS

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  • Improves motor skills and hand-eye coordination
  • Teaches vital bat-to-ball skills
  • Special hang-on-the-wall design for EZ storage and on-the-go convenience
  • Little to no assembly required
  • Includes 8 balls

Product Detail

Product Description

Instill in your little one a love for the great game of baseball with our innovative batting tee that is designed to help young kid's and toddler's easily pick up and excel at the game of baseball

it include's an oversize bat and 8 ball's,
your kid will never run out of balls. practicing their swing all day (making it big league ready) while having a blast,..
the tee will help him or her perfect their batting stance with every swing, working on...
hand-eye coordenation,
contact/Bat-to-ball skills,
overall Baseball and batting skills,
and motor skills.

the set is equipped with a hang-on-the-wall design that make's it for EZ storage, and take's up almost no room.
the simple design makes it for literally almost no assembly required, just screw the tee into the base and its ready for play!

this t-ball set is light-weight but made from sturdy material designed to be safe enough to play indoor's and outdoors, and help with on-the-go conveniance, be it a wiffle ball session in the backyard or just practicing that swing in the playroom!