Sonic Cruiser Teal Outdoor Sneaker Skates (Mens 8 / Ladies 9)

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  • SNEAKER COMFORT - Ride in style with the Pacer Sonic Cruiser, fusing the comfort of a sneaker and the performance of well-designed quad skate.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT DURABILITY - Zytel Nylon plates and Double Action trucks form a lightweight, dependable skate that's easy on the muscles and tough on wear and tear.
  • RUGGED WHEELS - The Sonic Cruiser's 62mm outdoor wheels are built to keep going when the going gets tough. Excellent grip with zero slip - these skates outperform in all situations.
  • FAST AND SMOOTH - Each wheel is armed with ABEC-1 8mm precision bearings, ensuring a smooth, fast, and effortless glide across all surfaces.
  • FITS AS ADVERTISED - We don't play guessing games. Our skates fit true to their advertised size. Save your time and money avoiding inconvenient returns!

Product Detail

Product Description

Skates can be stiff, clunky and downright uncomfortable. The last thing you want is for your feet, or your kid's feet to be sore after a day of riding. We’ve come up with a solution to ensure riding comfortably all day long. The retro sneaker boot comes well-padded and soft on the inside, with easy and flexible tightness adjustment. Ditch the clunky skate look and throw on a pair of Sonic Cruisers, you’ll feel the difference.

t’s a tough task building skates that are light enough to carry in a backpack, but strong enough to handle everyday wear and tear. To achieve this, each Sonic Cruiser fuses lightweight Zytel Nylon plates with sturdy Double Action trucks. Pop those on a boot as light as a sneaker, and you’ve got the recipe for a perfect skate. Even the little ones can carry these around with ease!

You can’t always control what the streets throw your way. Unexpected cracks and potholes can quickly ruin your day. When the going gets rough, you want skates that keep going. Our 62mm 85A wheels were created precisely to handle any unforeseen surprises life throws your way... just don’t push your luck and try off roading.

The most important aspect of a skate is ultimately how it rides. Sonic Cruisers come equipped with ABEC-1 bearings, 8mm precision bearings. They’re smooth, fast, and made to last.

We offer sizing for the entire family (adults and kids)! The quad-wheel design means beginners and experienced skaters can both enjoy a pair of these skates.