Softee Hockey Set

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  • 5 yellow, 5 blue 30" hockey sticks
  • csi model# 21012
  • Set
  • Complete with 7" foam ball and 4" ethafoam puck

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Product Description

An innovative game that combines floor hockey, polo, field hockey and ice hockey in one safe, soft, easy-to-use game. Softee Hockey can be used in primary, secondary and college levels. The head is made of soft urethane foam attached to a flexible, hollow plastic stick. A 6-inch ball is included for outdoor use and a 4-inch vinyl-coated ethafoam puck for indoor gymnasium or hard surface playground use. Because of its adaptability, you may use rules of various hockey games to add variety. Set includes equal number of yellow and blue sticks, 1 ball and 1 puck. 10 sticks, 1 ball, 1 puck. Sticks measure 34 inches long.