Sher-Wood PMP 5030 Heritage Wood Hockey Stick [JUNIOR]

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Sher-Wood has continued their commitment to offer light, reliable, and responsible low-kick hockey sticks. The great thing about the 5030 Heritage Wood Stick is that everyone already knows this stick has what it takes to light the lamp. Many of us have used this stick playing in our youth; now, the 5030 is better than ever. The legendary wood feel brings most of us back to the great days of old-style hockey, while the shaft is covered with multi-layer birch lamination for a smooth and finished look. The blade is superior white ash with mulit-directional and highly impact-resistant fiberglass to ensure you can accept those hard passes as well as put the puck in the back of the net. Another great feature is its reliability. Forget paying hundreds of dollars for a high-end stick that could break fairly quickly. The 5030 Heritage Wood Stick offers an affordable alternative that will outlast countless slashes and slap shots. Old-style hockey meets new-world technology. Pick up your 5030 Heritage Wood Stick at Total Hockey today.