Roller Road Drift Skates Plate Pro Skates Anti-Slip Board Portable Split Skateboard All-in-one Aluminum Alloy with PU Wheels(Red)


    • ★Material: Made of aluminum alloy deck and all-in-one sturdy steel brackets to ensure safety.
    • ★Stabilization: Frosted deck increases the friction and has better anti-slip, abrasive resistance and water resistance. Wider PU wheel is much elastic, wearproof and good grip to enhance stability. With 608 bearings to get fast speed and a good steering control.
    • ★Split Design: Split skateboard design is different from the traditional skateboard style. Roller road drift skates plate is more flexible and lightweight. The design of the straps allow the professional can play fancy techniques.
    • ★Left&Right Position: According to the left foot right foot position settings. More professional for using it. Please use the drift skates plate strictly follows the left and right foot position.
    • ★Warranty: Within 1 year from the date of purchase, we will give you a satisfied guarantee. If you have any problems, please feel free to contact us.

    Product Detail

    Product Description

    Specifications :
    Main material: Aluminum alloy
    Material of bracket: Steel
    Material of deck: Frosted panel (waterproof)
    Material of wheel: PU
    Wheel's size: Diameter: 72mm/Thickness: 44mm
    Net Weight: 2.3KG
    Weight Limit 220 LBS (100KG) Do not exceed the weight limit.
    1pair*Drift skate plate (pack of 2)

    Aluminum alloy is more solid, wear-resistant, drop-resistant and lightweight. The large board is convenient to control and highly comfortable.

    Wider PU wheel with 608 bearings, not only can be get a smooth ride but also safe.

    We will give you two straps. You can use a strap to tighten your legs and split drift skates plate tightly. When use the strap, you can play a variety of fancy&difficult action.
    (Attention:Novice cannot use strap straps. When the strap is connected to the drift plate, the foot and drift plate cannot be separated. In an emergency situation is very dangerous. (Please be careful with straps )

    It can be regarded as a hobby, a kind of exercise, an alternative tool instead of walking.

    Since it is a metal product and processed by hand, it may be finely scratched on the plate surface. It doesn't affect the use.
    Due to different displays, the color may produce a slight deviation.

    Instructions & Warnings:
    1.Children should skate under adult's guardianship.
    2.When you skate, you should wear protective gear. (Such as: elbow pads, knee pads, helmets, etc.)
    3.Beginners should hold the wall, railings and other objects or in someone's companion for the practice.
    4.Please skate in a safe place.
    5.Before skating check the product on the screws, nuts and other parts are missing, is solid before sliding. If this product is damaged or other abnormalities, please stop using it immediately.