Ripstik Wheels by KBS - Razor Ripsurf Mini Ripstik Ripster Caster Board Replacement 80mm 90a with ABEC 7 Speed Bearings 2 pack set of two Ripstick Wheel (B&Y, 68MM)

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  • Comes in packs of 2. Logo and Specs printed on both sides. NOT SUITABLE FOR RIDERS OVER 120 LBS OR AGGRESSIVE CASTERBOARD USE. Designed and Created for U.S.A.
  • 68mm diameter 90a durometer high performance polyurethane wheels
  • Easy to Install, casterboards including ripstik. Eco-Friendly, Green, Hassle Free packaging. Suitable for Luggage Suitcase roller bag rolling suitcase carry on baggage wheels.
  • Comes with 4 installed high speed performance ABEC 7 608RS EZY black shielded bearings and spacers
  • Will fit any caster board casterboard scooters or inline skates roller blades rollerblades capable of fitting a 68mm wheel like Ripster and Mini Ripstik

Product Detail

Product Description

KBS Wheels for Ripstik/Ripsurf/Casterboard/Suitcase/Inline Skate/ Rollerblade/ Scooter. Performance Replacement wheels

Designed for the Ripsurf but suitable for Ripstik caster board or Inline Skate Rollerblade.

Made of high-grade polyurethane in our B&Y, CYK and ENDURANCE models.

Comes in packs of 2 with 2 types to choose from, standard formula (B&Y, B&Y68MM, CYK) suitable for casual use or a riders that weigh less than 120LBS or our advanced military grade formula (ENDURANCE) capable of withstanding abuse from advanced riders as well as 200LB adults.

The wheels measure 68mm and 80mm, and are 90A and 86AB in hardness. The rounded profile and high re-bound urethane formula creates less friction allowing for faster speeds and better control.

These are the hardest best performing wheels on the market for the Ripsurf and related boards. The 90A and 86AB durometer is harder than any lower durometer wheels and with the 80mm size they will roll faster and longer than anything smaller. Performance ABEC 7 608RS EZY Black shielded bearings. You should click add to cart now because these are the best looking casterboard wheels with the greatest value.

Ripster and Mini Ripstik rider choose 68MM. 80mm will NOT fit Ripster or Mini Ripstik Boards.

If you want the longest lasting or weigh more than 120lbs choose our ENDURANCE model. 

Diameter- 68mm, 80mm

Hardness - 90a, 86ab 

QTY - 2

Bearings- 4 ABEC-7 bearings with 2 spacers installed