RIMABLE Drop Deck Longboard BlackBlue


    • Rimable Longboard Drop-down deck lowers the center of gravity for more control and stability.Great for cruising, commuting and carving.
    • 41X9.5 Inch Rimable Longboard with Topmount trucks, medium concave and symmetrical shape.
    • Rimable Long Board Topmount 7inch 180 ALUMINIUM TRUCK with polished finish and ultra high rebound bushings
    • 70X51MM PU WHEELS and High-speed Bearings can keep the skateboard smooth.
    • Fully assembled and ready to ride.

    Product Detail

    Product Description

    Cruise in style on the 41-inch Drop Down Longboard from Rimable.
    The drop-down deck offers more stability,
    better turning control and easy push off.
    Less distance to the ground for easy push off also helps lower fatigue.
    Ride it long distance or master carving.
    The 9.5 inch by 41 inch molded deck is made of 9-ply good maple for durability.
    This longboard features heavy-duty, electrostatic-coated aluminum alloy trucks and smooth bearings, and it's fully-assembled and ready to ride out of the box.