Presell Glittering Red Christmas Tree DIY Child Magic Professional Yo-yo Ball Unresponsive Yoyo Ball Bearing Axle and Extra String Office Mini Hand Finger Toy for Kid Adults Fans

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  • This Presell Shiny Red Christmas Tree yoyoing ball is not just for playing, it is also an intellectual toy, it can improve players' coordination, flexibility and strength.
  • Width: 1.5 in - Diameter: 2.14 in. Durable plastic Material, Great quality., cheap, Portable ,easy to carry, Easy to use., long spin times, strong stability .
  • Stylish and attractive, Great for all ages but really great for beginners especially. You can give it as a gift to your family, friends, and lovers.It's a great choice for any festival and birthdays.
  • Adult work recreation and leisure, relieve stress, children to alleviate adhd, focus, exercise the best of the fingers.It suits kids, boys, girls, men, women.Put the toy into your pocket and play it whenever and wherever.
  • Narrow C sized bearing. If you like nonresponsive yoyoing, put in your own wide C bearing and you're all set. This item can be customized, can choose your own personality pattern on top.Any questions about our products can be consulted immediately.

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This Presell Glittering Red Christmas Tree yoyo ball from beginner to pro the is perfect to easily perform string tricks like the Trapeze, Split the Atom, Brain twister, or the Double or Nothing.Unresponsive yo-yo, long time rotation.