No Tie Shoelaces, Reflective Elastic Lock Shoe Laces by iLiveX, One Size Fits All Adult and Kids Shoes (Green)

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  • ✅Do you hates tying your shoes? Do you got tired of having to stop while walking to re-tie your laces? This is great option for those that struggle with regular laces.
  • ✅You don't worry about the shoelaces being loosen frequently to tie again and save time on lace-up shoes. You can have them set up to just the right amount of tightness to where you can just slip your shoes on and off without having to adjust them at all.
  • ✅You can install it quickly and easily. We belive that once you try them in your shoes, you'll never go back to traditional shoelaces
  • ✅Elastic shoe laces provide better comfort and support versus traditional shoelaces. These laces also reduce pressure points at the top of your foot to give your feet a better feel throughout the day, allowing you to perform at your best.
  • ✅These elastic no tie shoelaces are great gifts for adults, kids, senior citizens, athletes, people with special needs or injuries and fitness enthusiasts. Ideal for all lace-up shoes, even great for pants.

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Installation method:
1. Replace Your Laces
Lace up your shoes, thread the laces through the passages on the lock device, press down on the top of the lock, and slide the lock to the tongue of the shoe.
2. Trim to Fit
Use a pair of scissors to trim off the excess laces. We recommend cutting 2-3 inches below the lock to leave room for adjustment.
3. Secure
Thread the trimmed lace ends through the hole on the cord clip and align with the "teeth" inside. Then, snap the cord clip together to secure.

Warm Tips:
Lace up the shoes and put them on first, you wear your chosen footwear with the laces cinched for a half hour or so, to be sure you've got the right tension and that you've left enough extra length in the shoe laces to don and doff the shoes comfortably, and then cut and put the end clips on. Remember that once you cut the laces, you can't make them any longer!

Package Include:
- Two 48 inch elastic shoelaces.
- Two lock devices.
- Two cord end clips.

iLiveX quality assurance. Unlimited package returned/exchange within 6 months.