Macro Giant 6 Inch Safe Soft Foam Training Practice Soccer Ball, Set of 4, Neon Colors, Playground Ball, Kid Sports Toys, Kickball, Beach Activity, School Playground, Kid Toy Gift, Christmas Gift

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  • HAVE FUN PLAYING SOCCER WITH YOUR KIDS- Easy to Control, Pass, Shoot
  • SET OF 4 PCS; NEON COLORS MAKE YOU HAPPY ALL DAY- Neon red, Neon orange, Neon yellow, Neon green (1 of each)
  • PU FOAM SOFT MATERIAL- Flexible, Safe, Eco-friendly, Odorless, Non-toxic; 100% MADE IN TAIWAN
  • MEET CPSIA & ASTM F963- No heavy metal, No fluorescent agents
  • SIZE: 6-Inch (diameter); FOR AGE 3+; GREAT FOR Teaching Basic Soccer Skills, Kid Sports Toys, Indoor Outdoor

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With MG 6 Inch Foam Soccer Balls, Take Easy To Play Soccer Game & Enjoy Your Happy Time With Your Kids!
★Easy to Control, Pass, Shoot
★PU Foam Soft Material- Flexible, Safe, Eco-friendly, Odorless, Nontoxic- You would not get hurt when being hit!
★Meet CPSIA & ASTM F963- No heavy metal, No fluorescent agents
★Made in Taiwan- High Quality
★For Age 3+; Great for Teaching Basic Soccer Skills Indoors or Outdoors
Set of 4 PCS; Bright Neon Colors Make You Happy All Day-Neon red, Neon orange, Neon yellow, Neon green (1 of each color)
Size:6-Inch (diameter)
Weight:About 0.46 lbs (210±10g)
Choosing MG Soccer Balls, Let the Neon Brighten Your Day!
The Origin of Macro Giant:
In 1984, our factory specializing in producing polyurethane(PU) safe toys was set up in Taiwan. Since then, we have started to export a variety of safe PU toys to Europe, North America, Japan, and so on; besides, we also cooperated with many international brands for a long time. Through ongoing research, development, and innovation for more than 30 years, we could satisfy customers and consumers' demands.
Macro Giant is the professional safe sports brand which has 30-year manufacturing experience. 100% safe non-toxic toys are always what we insist on making; therefore, we have earned well recognition for our high quality of products.
Macro Giant was established for kids' sports safety; There are a lot of rubber and plastic toys which are at low quality and not environmentally friendly in the market. Unlike them, our products are all CPSIA and ASTM F963 certified; they are safe and non-toxic toys without any heavy metal, fluorescent agents, and formamide. Our products could be one of the best choices for kids.