Looping Yoyo, MAGICYOYO 2A Yo-yo Loop Yoyo D1 GHZ Durable Poly Carbonate Plastic Yoyo with 5 Yoyo Strings

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  • MAGICYOYO high performance 2A yoyos Loop yoyos (one Green+one Blue)
  • Indestructible poly carbonate plastic loop yoyo and classic style
  • Ball metal bearing can be removed and cyclic
  • More lighter more fun with aluminum long spacer
  • Recommended for kids daily practicing or competition

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Product Description

1.Body Material:PC
5.Gap Width:2.5mm
6.Bearing: Size E bearing
7.Style: String Trick 2A
8.Response System: Star Burst

How to yo?
First put the string on the yoyo, just like all of Magicyoyo model.
Untwist a four inch section of the string at the end that does not have a loop and hold the on the string open. Place the string over the yoyo and allow it to rest on the bearing. Be careful not too tangle.
To wind the string grad one half of the yoyo with the fingers of your non-yoing hand.Place your index finger over the groove of the yoyo and wind the string once over your indexfinger. Once the string has passed under the yoyo, lift your index finger and wind the string under under your finger for the second and third times around. For the fourth and subsequent winds pull your finger out of the loop and gently wind the loop into the yoyo. Finally, throw your yoyo down and up once to clear your string.

Adjusting the string
To achieve the proper string length, set the yoyo on the floor with the string fully extended. If necessary, cut the string 3 inches above your navel, for loop yoyo the string can be shorter, and reform the knotted loop so that the length of string is waist high when the yoyo is touching the floor.

Making the slip knot
Make a slip knot by pashing the yoyo string through the loop. You now have an adjustable loop through which to place on the middle finger of your yoyo hand.