Light Up Balls Bouncing Balls Game Jump Glow Dancing Ball Toys for Kids by Magical Imaginary (Random Color)

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  • Light up ball is made of eco-friendly plastic, safe and non-toxic, children can play.
  • Material is soft and flexible, can bounce.
  • When it beats, accompanied by dynamic music, and comes with light, very charming.
  • Bouncing ball requires 4 AA batteries (not included).
  • Suitable for a variety of occasions, holiday parties, Christmas, can also be presented as a birthday gift to friends.

Product Detail

Product Description

Product Specifications:

Material: eco-friendly rubber material
Weight: 100g
Size: 11.81 * 11.81 inches (L * H)
Color: red, blue (random color)
Battery: 4 AA batteries (not included)
Suitable age: over 6 years old
Features: bounce, shine, with music
Ability to develop: to develop children's hands-on ability, hand-eye coordination, and athletic ability, let children grow healthily and happily

Product Features:

Small jumping ball, very flexible, emitting brilliant lights, when beating, suddenly before, suddenly left and suddenly right,
to attract the baby's field of vision, so that the baby falls in love with the bouncing ball.
- Material safety, will not cause harm to the baby.
- Light up ball is soft plastic, rounded corners, flexible, corner can be assembled by yourself, very convenient.
- Colorful, nice looking. When the battery is installed, turn on the switch, bouncing ball will emit light, the color is charming.
- A gift for your baby, let the baby fall in love with the bouncing ball.

Battery installation instructions:
The first step: The ball can be divided into two halves.
The second step: There are several buckles in the waist of the ball, gently open it by hand, you can see a plastic box inside.
The third step: Open the box cover, install the battery.
The fourth step: Turn on the switch, you can make it bounce.

When removing the toy, please be careful.

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