Liberry Kids Hula Hoop, Detachable Adjustable Plastic Hula Hoop for Kids, Suitable for Beginners and Children Age 2 and Up, Pack of 4 (Color)

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  • Detachable Design: Liberry toy kids hula hoop can be adjusted to 6 sections (23"), 7 sections (26.5") or 8 sections (30") according to your child's size. The sections are easily detached, making it easy to store. The package includes 28 detachable sections
  • Adjustable Weight: The plastic tube of the hula hoops is hollow, allowing for weight adjustment. The weight of the hula hoop can be modified with the addition of sand or stuffing, making it more challenging. Thus, it will allow the hula hoop to grow with the child
  • Multiple Use: The kids hoola hoop not only can be used as kids toy for playing, but also as an outdoor device for training pets. Your children and pets will love to play with this hula hoop. The texture on the tube makes the hula hoop look unique
  • Safer Choice: Our kid hula hoop is made of high-quality plastic, light, and safe for children to use. They are unlike other hula hoops sold on Amazon which are fragile and easily discontinue. When it comes to kid toys Liberry always puts safety as our top priority
  • Party or Activity Equipment: The weighted hula hoop is perfect for all kinds of parties or events. It allows for countless hours of entertainment. This hula hoop is an ideal choice for a gift for beginners and kids ages 2 and up

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Detachable Design Liberry kids hula hoop has a detachable design. This hula hoop comes with a set of detachable sections (28 sections in total) and can be adjusted based on the child's size. The recommended adjustment is 7 sections(26.5"/0.33lb). The plastic tube of the hula hoops is hollow. As your child grows, you can add sand or stuffing to adjust the weight of the hula hoop Multiple uses for the hula hoop Hula hoops can develop kids' coordination, flexibility, and balance. Hula hoops can be used as props for gymnastics or art performances. Hula hoops can be used in games such as ringtoss and sandbag game. Hula hoops can also be used as an outdoor device for pet training. Liberry kids hula hoop is perfect for all kinds of parties or events.