Leoneva Adjustable Inline Skates Set for Kids/Boys/Girls, Including Helmet/Elbow Pads/Knee Pads/Hand Bands (US Stock,2 Sizes,Blue/Pink) (Blue, US Size 2-4)

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  • Main Material: Integral Steel, Plastic.The roller skates are made of high-quality integral steel and plus PP fiber material to strength foot support, ensure miles of smooth rolling with durability
  • Safety Equipped Fully for Your Kids: This skate set includes not only the roller skates with triple protection but also protective gear (helmet, elbow pads, knee pads and hand bands), which can provide wrist, arm, and knee protection
  • Adjustable Size: The inline skates are adjustable sizes including 2 sizes.Size M is US size 2-4, and Size L is US size 5-8.It is easy to adjust sizes in each skate grows as your feet
  • Other Features: Triple protection (Safety Buckle & Velcro & Shoes Ties); Use thick memory sponge (More comfortable); Changeable brakes as your request(Left or Right).The roller skates set is the perfect Christmas gift for your children
  • Service: US warehouse in stock, Fast shipping.We promise the quality and service, and if you want more information, you can get more details in "Product Description"

Product Detail

Product Description

1.Designed for outdoor or indoor use brake on the right foot.
2.Be made of high-quality material, ensure miles of smooth rolling with durability.
3.Easy to adjust sizes in each skate grows as your feet.


Main Material: Integral Steel, Plastic

2 Colors: Pink, Blue

Size: M/L

Size M: 23 x 28 x 40cm/9 x 11 x 16inch

Size L: 23 x 28 x 43cm/9 x 11 x 17inch

Type: Inline Skate

Quantity: Set

Gender: Unisex

Package Content:
1 x Pair of Inline Skate
1 x Helmet
2 x Knee Protection
2 x Elbow Protection

How to adjust the size:
1.Loosen belt and lace
2.Press the push button
3.Keep pressing the push button, and adjusting the toe cap to right position
4.Stretch forward for bigger size and stretch back for the smaller size

1.Before skating, check that all screws are tightened.
2.Check and clean all screws and nuts for the secure fit.
3.Replace brake and ball bearing on a regular basis.
4.Do not modify your inline skates in a way that may endanger your safety.
5.Remove any sharp edges that may appear during skating.
6.Master basic skating rulers before practicing on streets.
7.Stay in control when skating.
8.No towing of vehicles.
9.Always wear appropriate protective gear(wrist, arm and knee protection).