Kutrick Complete 2pcs 110mm Pro Stunt Scooter Replacement Wheels with ABEC-11 Bearing -Neo Chrome

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  • Made of abec-11 88a durable rebound which ensures fast and buttery roll also durable.
  • 2pcs*110mm(check your scooter to ensure it will fit a 110mm wheel before ordering)
  • The urethane is soft to absorb the impact of the tricks and give a smooth and stable ride.
  • The core is made of high quality aluminum and looks amazing and you will love the colors.
  • For Envy S4 S3 S2,Fuzion X-5, Z250/Z300/Z350/Z375,Vk-LMT and all scooters with 110mm wheels.

Product Detail

Product Description

Good to Know for Kutrick 110mm NEO CHROME Scooter Wheel:
Package: 2pcs
Size: 110mm
Brand: Kutrick
Codition: Complete Wheels(Needn't assemble bearing+Spacer)
Core: Aluminum
Core Design: Spoked (Nice Design)
Bearing: ABEC-11 (Ensures a grippy, fast and buttery roll)
hardness: 88a Urethane Pu
Price is for 2 wheels
Complete wheels Includes bearings & spacers.
The Wheel fit for Scooter Model:Envy S4 S3 S2,Fuzion X-5, Z250/Z300/Z350/Z375,Vk-LMT and all scooters with 110mm wheels.

How to Buying Good scooter wheels
Every wheel needs 2x bearings and 1x spacer to function and Wheels are made in different materials, dimensions, hardness, profiles and different cores.

The Cores have 1.Solid core(Massive core for maximum durability);2.Spoked core(Core with holes and cutouts Makes a lightweight wheel, but also weaker);3.Hollow core(Hollow inside for lightweight, while still maintaining strength. (Not as strong as solid core)and Plastic cores do not last long, and are a bit flexible.

Profiles have Flat (A flat profile that gives strength to the rubber and maximum grip);2.Narrow profile ( A narrow profile gives you speed)

Hardness have 1.The durometer scale goes from 0-100a, where 100a is the hardest. Most scooter wheels are 85a. 2.Hard wheels last longer, they are more slippery but are also faster;3.Soft wheels wear down faster, but have a good grip, great for parks and indoor use.