Kunray 48V 1000W Brushed DC Motor High Speed Electric Motor & DC Brush Controller & Gas Accelerator Throttle & Ignition Lock for Dirt Bike e-Bike ATV Go Kart Moped Mini Bikes Motorized Bicycle

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  • ☑General-purpose brushed high-speed motor. If you are using a 48V 500W motor, then you can try a 48V 1000W DC motor, which will bring you a different experience.
  • ☑Compact and small sized electric brushed motor featuring voltage 48V DC, output 1000W, rated current: 27A. Sprocket: For 8mm T8F chain. Robust and reliable metal material shell protect the inner circuit from thermal overloading.
  • ☑The electric brushed motor designed with rated speed: 3000RPM to be high working efficiency, Horsepower:1.4HP, Torque: 2.8N.m. bring you different speed experience.
  • ☑High-quality brushed controller with three-speed function can give full play to the performance of the motor, compatible with many 48V dirt bike with 1000W motor. including aluminum alloy handlebars throttle and ignition locks. free wrenches and screw set.
  • ☑Perfect for razor dirt bike, ATV, motorized bicycle, moped, mini bikes, pocket bikes and electric dirt bikes, Electric scooter, E-Bike, electric bicycle, e-Scooter, e-moto, motorcycle, small electric Moto, etc.

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Output: 1000W

Rated speed: 3000-3360 RPM

Rated voltage: 48V DC

Rated current: 27A

No-load current: ≤2.8A

Peak efficiency at 36V: 80 percent

Reversible: (w/ polarity swap)

Sprocket:for 8mm T8F chain

Note: This motor is capable of rotation in either the clockwise or counterclockwise direction by reversing the motor's power wires.
But doing so will affect the life of the motor


Rated voltage: 48V DC

Match motor: 48V 1000 W

Conversion efficency: 95%

Under Voltage Protection: 31±0.5V

Speed regulator (throttle): 1-4 V

Gas handlebar throttle:

wire length:150cm

Controller Wiring:

This controller has 10 connectors, compatible with many 48V
bikes with up to 1000W motors

1. Battery / 2. Motor / 3. Brake (2 plugs) / 4. Three-speed / 5. Indicator light (2 plugs)/ 6. Ignition lock / 7. Charger port / 8. Derailleur (throttle)

These controllers have 4 groups neccessary cables: Battery, Motor, Ignition lock, Derailleur (throttle),
when hook up these 4 groups cables, the E-bike can run normally. Besides, this controller have other optional functions, you can hook them up according to your applications.