KETEP 2019 Upgrade Flying Toys Drones for Kids, Mini Drone Helicopter, Infrared Sensor Auto with 360° Rotating Hand Controlled Drone Toys for Boys or Girls

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  • Quick start: Press the power swith two seconds, the top LED light is flickering to indicate the aircraft is ready to start working; Power off: Press the power swith two seconds, when the light goes out after loosening the botton, the aircraft is shut down successfully
  • Operation method after power supply start-up,hold the front of the aircraft lightly, stretch your arms up and release the machine to start flying automatically, hold the aircraft horizontally, and gently throw it out to star flying
  • To raise the height of the flying machine, put your hand or other object at the botton of the aircraft and push upward, the aircraft induce this action and automatically ascending, players can adjust the rising height to different levels of their needs
  • In-flight stop, grasp the aircraft quickly with your hands, turn the aircraft upside-down, the propeller will stop running; touching the aircraftslightly with your hand will stop the operation and fall
  • When the four LED lights at the botton appear slow flashing or the aircraft is unable to take off, please recharge the battery before using it

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