INTEY Aerial Yoga Flying Yoga Swing Yoga Hammock Trapeze Sling Inversion Tool for Gym Home Fitness (with Ceiling Anchors)

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  • HEALTH BENEFIT OF THE YOGA TRAPEZE: INTEY aerial yoga helps to release the pain or pressure of neck, back and spine, enhance your hand strength by inversion therapy. The aerial silk is also a new innovative tool that gives the yoga enthusiasts a safe and fun way to keep fit and also the yoga sling is certainly a good way to take yoga to a higher fitness level
  • LARGE LOAD CAPACITY: This Aerial Swing made of high strength and high quality parachute material fabric and polyester taffeta, the flying yoga hammock is heavy duty and durable, which its max load-bearing capacity is up to 450 lb (200 kg)
  • UNIQUE FEATURES: Large & comfortable thick padded foam handles and a spacious triple stitched swing seat pushing the boundaries of comfort during any aerial yoga swing exercise
  • MULTI EXERCISE TOLL: The aerial hammock can not only used as aerial yoga exercise, but can also as a common hammock, perfect for home, yoga studio and outdoor travel use
  • EASY ASSEMBLE: The yoga swing ceiling Hanging Yoga Sling mount matched with 2 different sets of screws, 4 expansion screws for concrete structure and 4 self-tapping screws for wooden. Either way, the mount can be installed in just minutes (Professional installation recommended).

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Setup Instructions
1,Secure 2 ceiling mounts on ceiling or beam at a proper distance(2 kinds of screws for different ceilings)
2,Hook 2 daisy chain straps to the mounts
3,Hook inversion swing on extension straps(adjust the height according to your need).
4,Hook 6 foam handle training belts the same height with the hanging yoga swing on the straps
5,Check everything carefully for the stability to ensure your safety
6,Enjoy the inversion hammock.

The benefits of aerial swing
1.Gives your heart a break: When you are upside down, you reverse the blood flow in your body and it encourages venous return - the return of blood flow back to the heart.
2.Helps your lymphatic system: Inversions in yoga encourages the flow of lymph back to the heart.
3.Improves your balance: Inversions add another dimension to balance training. It also forces you to learn to sense your body in space in a different way (proprioception).
4.Builds core strength: When you're upside-down and you have to engage your core in order to stay upright.
5.Forces you to focus: It's really hard not to focus when you are trying to balance your body while upside-down.
6.Releases your ego and helps you practice non-attachment: Inversions are hard and humbling and tough, it's a great way to practice non-attachment.
7.Provides a new perspective: Flipping yourself on your head provides you with a new physical perspective that often bleeds into your every day life.

Size: about 2.5m x 1.5m (98.42" x 59.05")
Material: Parachute Fabric/Polyester Taffeta
Weight: about 3340g
Load capacity: 450lb

Package Contents:
1 x Yoga Hammock
2 x Daisy Chain Adjustable Straps
2 x Ceiling Mount Brackets
8 x Stainless Steel Concrete Anchor Screws
4 x Carabiners
1 x User Manual