High Bounce Extra Tall Tricycle Ages 3-6 (Green)

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  • Grow with me tricycle feature - Seat is adjustable back/forward, 3 adjustments
  • Tricycle is 2½" taller than typical regular tricycles
  • Made of EVA tires - wide wheelbase for stability - slip resistant wheels & pedals - easy grip handlebars - And durable tires for miles of smiles to come!
  • Tricycle is super sturdy & stable - has a triangle shaped metal frame for extra stability
  • Easy & simple to steer - Made of top quality and safety tested. Easy assembly.

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Product Description

Introducing the "High Bounce Extra Tall Tricycle". This tricycle was created for kids to sit comfortably on & ride smoothly, indoor or outdoors! Made with extra sturdy materials. The wheels are made out of EVA tires, so that they are smooth on the ground and easy on the bumps. The metal frame is shaped like a triangle, for extra comfort. Has three-position adjustable seat that lets this "grow" with kids for years of fun & adventure! With a wide wheelbase for stability, slip-resistant wheels & pedals & easy-grip handlebars - make kids smile for miles to come! So even if your child grows from year to year, this tricycle will last and still be an appropriate & the perfect tricycle for them! Its 2½'' taller than your standard tricycle. With this, its simple & easy to steer & is fun for ages 3 -6!