Hella Grip Classic Logo Danila Popov Gold Griptape

  • List Price: $13.99



  • Premium Quality Silicone-Carbide Grit Formula
  • Tear Proof-Water Proof PVC Liner
  • Aggressive Weatherproof Adhesive
  • Sheet Measures 24 inches long x 6 inches wide
  • Length and width will need to be cut down to fit most decks

Product Detail

Product Description

Hella Grip Tape gives your feet that extra grip need to stay on your scooter. Without Tape, the rider would have a hard time keeping their feet on the deck during tricks. Grip tape dimensions vary by manufacturer. Please see product specifications for exact dimensions. Made by a high-end manufacturer like Hella Grip Scooters, you can be sure you will be pleased with both the quality and price point of this scooter grip tape.