Hatching Egg, Inkach Novelty Snowman Water Hatching Egg Christmas Santa Resurrection Eggs (Random color)

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  • Material: silicone expansion
  • Size : 5 x 7CM
  • Christmas Water Hatching Egg
  • Nice hatching egg gift for your kids and friends and Great way to connect
  • Great for Easter Egg Hunts or Easter Decor.

Product Detail

Product Description

Package Content:
1 x Christmas Water Hatching Egg
Instructions for use :
1. Remove the package, remove one or more eggs, put the eggs into the water until completely submerged. (Note: the water temperature should be less than 30 degrees, do not sunshine, the water temperature is too high, otherwise the Santa,Snowman shelling sun Oh)
2.12-24 hours later, eggshell began to split, to keep the whole egg was submerged Oh (Note: Santa,Snowman egg shelling position and way not fixed Oh, maybe at the top may be in the middle) Santa,Snowman shells, also grow up, patient, grow up the process, Santa,Snowman can be a bit deformed, as long as the water is submerged, it will become more complete. Leaving the water may become smaller Oh! (Note: full growth takes a week, Santa,Snowman growth is slower) is fragile, pay attention
Note: the egg shell surface is paint, due to transport, all the Santa,Snowman eggs are new to do, so there may be a little paint taste, the goods received to open all the packaging, so that eggs one or two hours later without paint ,please free Use of children.
This is a fragile item, thank you for your understanding.