GoToWheels Adjustable Hoverboard Kart Go Car Style Holder for 6.5" 8" 10" Two Wheel Self Balancing Scooter with 4 Length Adjustments Seat Attachment (Balance Board Not Included) (White)

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  • ADJUSTABLE Design:With 4 Length Adjustment,Children and adults are fit on it.fits for different height people,according to the different height, can be adjust to the right length
  • Includes: ONLY Hover board Kart Equipment (seat and handles accessories). Does not include Balance Board.
  • Fits 6.5", 8", 10" most models Swagtron, Razor, Hovertrax, Swagway X1, Powerboard, Sogo, Leray, Glyro and many more
  • Quick and easy to install, A few minutes makes your Hoverboard look like a GO-KART

Product Detail

Product Description

GoToWheels Hoverboard accessory that transforms your hoverboard into a super fun electric gokart that can accelerate, brake, turn on a dime, and pop effortless wheelies, all with simple, intuitive hand controls.

Includes ONLY Kart Equipment. Hover boards Not Included.

How to Use

- You need to grasp two pull rods. Use them to control the speed,
- To move forward or speed up, push the pull rod down/forward,
- To slow down or reverse, pull the pull rod back.