Garain 22 Inch Skateboard Complete Cruiser Graffiti Retro Style Mini Skateboard for Boys Girls(US Stock) (Purple Galaxy)

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  • Material:made of high-quality bendable polypropylene deck and 4 smooth PU casters, for everyday use and long lasting durability
  • Portable:combination of exercise and fun, an ideal skateboard for any skill level, perfect Christmas gift for your kids, friends, families
  • Easy control&Lightweight:The pro skateboard specializes in quick, tight turns, and fits in a backpack and you can even carry it on the air plane. Great for skating street, skate parks, ramps, pools, and other smooth surfaces or even rough ground
  • Multicolor Choice:Available in 5 colors and designs (red lips/blue skull/green graffiti/fish and cat/purple galaxy), Colorful fashion pattern is cool for teenagers and young adults
  • Fully assembled Package: No assembly required,ship directly from US warehouse

Product Detail

Product Description

Material: Aluminum alloy

5 Colors: Red lips, Hip-hop, Purple graffiti, Cat and fish, Purple stars

Size: 15 x 55cm/5.9 x 21.6inch

Type: Skateboard

Quantity: 1Pc

Gender: Unisex Boys and Girls

Package Content: 1 x Skateboard


Super smooth ride with unique wheels design to deliver improve performance.

It is portable and lightweight, helps you to promote natural range of motion.

The product is made of high quality material, for everyday use and long lasting durability.


1.Always practice safety first-as it is possible to lose balance and cause a collision or fall, ensure that you use the board in a safe appropriate environment, and you always wear appropriate safety gear.

2.Please wear a suitable skateboard helmet, elbow pads, knee pads, and gloves. 3.Wear suitable attire when skateboarding to protect you from scrapes if you fall.

4.Wear shoes - flipflops or similar loose footwear are not suitable riding wear.

5.Only one person can ride a Skateboard at a time.

6.The maximum carrying weight supported by the boards is 120kg/260lbs.

7.Exceeding this weight will affect the skateboard balance and functionality, and may cause the board to fail, act inappropriately or otherwise break.

8.Please observe your local traffic laws and regulations.

9.The board is designed to be ridden on flat and paved surfaces. Avoid driving on sand, gravel, mud, rugged or open ground. Do no drive on slippery ground, such as snow, ice or wet ground.