Foam Clown Noses, Red Foam Clown Noses for Sports Fan Cheerleaders Carnival Cosplay Halloween Christmas Present, Red, 12 PCS


    • Perfect for your child's clown costume, best matching!
    • Diameter measures 2 inches (5cm), features a soft, expandable nose hole that makes the clown nose plumper.
    • This accessory is perfect for birthdays, Halloween, costume parties, red nose days, and even simple dress-up! It's easy to carry, so you can wear it at any time.
    • Clown noses are made of high-quality foam for a soft and super squishy feel. This party favor has a non-wiry and lightweight construction that is comfortable to wear even for long periods of time.
    • Ideal for both adults and kids, get instant laughs when you clown around with Pudgy Pedro's Clown Noses.

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    Foam Clown Noses for Sports Fan,Cheerleaders, Carnival, Cosplay, Halloween, Christmas ,Red 12 PCS

    Add fun to your party, cosplay, festival and family time with this wig.
    When you see a clown's bright red nose, you can't help but smile, and if you want to bring a grin to everyone's faces, Shindel is here to help!
    Our Foam Clown Nose Value Pack lets you easily stock up on the finest quality foam clown noses around!
    The inside of the noses is slit, making it easy to slip them onto your nose, and once they're on, they stay in place securely until you remove them.
    At 2 inches in diameter, the noses are the right size to fit all men and women and most children.

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