Fashine Adjustable 1 Pair of Inline Skates Roller Shoes, Outdoor Indoor Adult Training Rollerblade Roller Skates for Women/Men [US STOCK] (Silver, US 4-7)


    • Easy to Clean: Beautiful and detachable liner, it is convenient for cleaning and drying more
    • Two Type for 4 size: Easy to adjust sizes in each skate grows as your feet. Size rule reference description
    • Premium Performance: Wearable PU wheels and tough ABEC-7 bearings ensure miles of smooth rolling with durability and fastly. Real skates providing superior support
    • Brake: Designed for outdoor or indoor use brake on the right foot. Note: Type2: Black&Blue/Type2: Black&Red have no brake
    • Style Design: Hollow vamps, strengthen sponge liner, it's more stylish, comfortable and breathable

    Product Detail

    Product Description

    Note: Type2: Black&Blue/Type2: Black&Red have no brake

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    Our inline skate is made of high-quality material, ensure miles of smooth rolling with durability. Easy to adjust sizes in each skate grows as your feet. Siamese stent, plus fiber material, the performance is more stable. Toughness, impact resistance stronger. Real skates providing superior support, smooth rolling and comfort these are not toys found at similar prices.

    How to adjust the size:
    1. loose belt and lace
    2. turn the adjustable screw to left until it cannot move
    3. pull the toe cap to adjust the size
    4. turn the adjustable right into tighten the skates.
    5.tighten the belt and lace,then adjusted process is finished.

    Small Note:
    1.Before skating, check that all screws are tightened. Check and clean all screws and nuts for secure fit
    2. Check the brakes before starts it,and lubricate the bearings with oil or bearing oil if they are not gliding smoothly or making strange noise
    3. Remove any sharp edges that may appear during skating
    4. Always wear appropriate protective gear(wrist, arm and knee protection)

    Type 1:
    3 Colors: Silver, Black, Blue
    Two Adjustable Sizes:US 4-7(Youth/Teens), US 8-10(Adults)

    Type 2:
    2 Colors: Black&Red, Black&Blue
    Two Adjustable Size: US 2-5(Youth/Teens), US 5-8(Adults)
    M: 45 x 33 x 11.5cm/17.7 x 13.0 x 4.5inch(84mm Wheel)
    L: 48 x 35.5 x 11.5cm/18.9 x 14.0 x 4.5inch(90mm Wheel)

    Material: Integral Steel, Plastic
    Triple protection: Standard Lace, Velcro Strap&safety Buckle
    Package Content: 1 x Pair of Inline Skate

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