Easton Mako M5 Gloves [JUNIOR]

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Coming in just below the top of the line Makos, are the Mako M5 Gloves by Easton. Seeing as how they could easily be mistaken as a twin - not an evil one mind you - the Easton M5s combine many of the same high quality features of its older sibling into a practical package that gives all other competitors a run for their money. Just like the Makos, the M5s use a technology called Fast Fingers. Unlike conventional gloves, which leave the fingers exposed when the hand is clinched, this system eliminates gaps, giving your fingers full protection against slashes, boards, pucks, and anything that could sneak in between the old finger blocks. This goal is accomplished by reversing the finger breaks placing them under the padding and closer to your fingers. This not only gives you more protection, it gives you better aerodynamics while stick handling or hustling down the wing. Youll also experience a more natural finger flex with more feel for the shaft. Protection wise, the Mako M5's have you covered as well. Lightweight, dual density foams encompass each glove and are augmented with muscular PE inserts. On breakaways, back-checking, or just fighting to keep the puck in the offensive zone, youll worry less about being slashed and focus more on setting up the next play. Durability is obviously a top concern of all players. You dont want the palm wearing out after only a months worth of games. To combat wear, the palm is reinforced with extra durable Whiteout Suede leather. This leather was chosen for it's strength and long-lasting characteristics. Although coming in second to your older sibling is never fun, the Mako M5s make the best of it by carrying over many of the same top of the line features help make the entire Mako Lineup quite appealing.