DribbleUp Smart Soccer Ball (Size 5)


    • Smart Soccer Ball / Football: Hand-stitched, match quality soccer ball connects to the DribbleUp app. The remarkably durable ball doesn't require any batteries or charging.
    • Interactive Training Library: Virtual trainers take your skills to the next level. Live audio and virtual cones provide instant training feedback.
    • Track Your Progress: The app gives graded breakdowns of your performance to hold you accountable like a coach. Use it to track and share your improvement over time.
    • Anywhere, anytime: The smart ball can be used inside when it's raining or snowing: no need for grass, a goal or much open space at all.
    • The Ultimate Gift: Already have the jerseys and cleats? The ball has drills suitable for players of all levels and ages, from kids to pros. It's available in size 4 for youth boys and girls under 12 years old and size 5 for older players.

    Product Detail

    Product Description

    The DribbleUp Smart Soccer Ball Highest Quality The smart ball is a hand-stitched ball that wonÕt get waterlogged or wear out with normal use. ItÕs available in size 4 and 5. Virtual Training Take your skills to the next level with augmented reality training. The app has a speed tracker, virtual cones and live audio feedback to improve your skills in real time. Augmented Reality Technology The DribbleUp app follows the ball in real time and synthesizes thousands of data points into live training feedback. Use It Inside and out The smart ball can be used in as little as six square feet of open space. This makes it the perfect purchase or gift for anyone, no matter how much space they have.