Dragonfly Footbags Mini Midnight 32 Panel Metal Filled (Hacky Sack)


    • Genuine Dragonfly Footbags Brand. Kick with the best. Dragonfly has been trusted by beginners and pros for over 10 years!
    • Made from rugged Synthetic Suede. Hand Stitched for quality
    • Metal Pellet Filling, Loose Fill, Ships from Elkhart, Indiana USA
    • Tough, washable and great for playing indoors or outdoors
    • Unique sports gift idea, great for coordination and balance training

    Product Detail

    Product Description

    Dragonfly Footbags is the premier brand of high quality, hand stitched footbags (hacky sacks) in the U.S. and abroad. We have been shipping Dragonfly Footbags from Elkhart, Indiana USA since 2003 to over 100 countries around the world and to every state in the US! It's just what you've been waiting for: the Mini Midnight! Just like the Mini Eclipse, it's half the size of the regular Midnight metal footbag, has 32 panels, and is just plain amazing. This mini night sky will blow you away!