Deluxe 3 Wheel MAXI Scooter - Perfect for 6-10 Year Olds. New GRAFITTI Design with Adjustable Handlebars and Light Up Wheels.

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  • NEW AND IMPROVED MODEL - We've improved our three wheeled scooter in so many ways. The handlebars are now height adjustable so the scooter grows with the child, the securing button is now copper rather than plastic (making it long lasting and easier to use) and the steering column has been redesigned to give even more stability. Please don't compare our scooters with the cheaper models on the market.
  • UNIQUE GRAFITTI DECK PATTERN - Your little boy or girl will really stand out from the crowd! They will also scoot in style, the LED lights embedded in the wheels light up automatically when they speed along. We've upgraded the magnetic core quality, so our lights are brighter than other brands.
  • LONG LASTING - We've used the best quality materials to ensure the scooter can handle everything that kids can throw at it! Superior PU wheels give a fast, smooth ride. The lightweight Aluminum and Steel frame gives great robustness and the padded handles are super comfortable.
  • REINFORCED DECK - We have added a third support underneath the deck (nearly all other manufacturers have just 2), to ensure the scooter can handle everything your little one throws at it! MAX weight limit for riders is 175 lbs.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - Buy with confidence. If there is a problem with your scooter we'll gladly refund you in full.

Product Detail

Product Description

So why should you let your kids experience the benefits of having a BoomSkootz 3-Wheel Deluxe Maxi Kick Scooter?

Firstly the boring, but really beneficial reason (as a parent you'll appreciate it!):

It will get them ACTIVE!:

Because they look SO cool and are SO much fun, kids are more than happy to use their BoomSkootz to go on short journeys rather than hopping in the car. This will make the whole family more active! They can ride them to school, join you walking the dog, glide to the park/beach, or simply have fun in the back yard.

So why choose BoomSkootz over one of the other manufacturers?

The main reason is quality, you can see from the points above, that we've focused on delivering the best possible quality, so the kids are safe, and that they enjoy the experience of riding our scooters.

Secondly, we want them to have a scooter that looks AWESOME, so we've used really funky deck patterns that set us apart from the mainstream. Finally, we've injected a bit of the fun factor, by installing LED lights in our wheels.

If you have younger kids, we also produce 4 smaller mini models with their own unique styling, perfect for 2-5 year olds.