Crazy Skates DBX (Ne) Neon Roller Skates - with Green 96a Quake Slim Wheels (Eu40 / US M7.5-L8.5)

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  • Leather Heat Shapeable Boot - Very Comfortable & Supportive!
  • Crazy Skates APOLLO Fiber Nylon Plate with Adjustable Toe Stop
  • Crazy Quake Slim Wheels - 96a Grip X - Made in the USA
  • Crazy ILQ-9 Gold Bearings
  • The Best Value Leather Skate Package - from Americas Premier Skate Brand - Crazy Skates

Product Detail

Product Description

The Crazy Skates NEON package features the time tested DBX5 full grain leather boot with a number of patented features for ultimate support, the industry leading Apollo composite nylon/fiberglass plate with Quake wheels (made in the USA). Don't bother looking for a higher spec'd skate at this price, you won't find one. The DBX 5 leather boot features a wear resistant toe cap. This new toe cap, has been specifically designed to be non-marking and highly durable. To further enhance your skating experience, the DBX5 boot offers one of the highest levels of support and heat moldability of any boot on the market. The superior materials used in the boot construction along with the significantly greater area around the heel and arch of the foot that can be custom moulded, providing each skater with a level of support that is unprecedented. This support system and HLT (Heel Lock Technology) is helping skaters by keeping the feet aligned and comfortable while offering your toes, ankles and arches the support and protection they need. Keeping feet aligned and supported is not a pretty subject to market and advertise, but we happen to think that is the most defining feature of any boot. Like the strength of any building, you look to a solid foundation and your skates are no different. Once your feet are correctly seated in a boot and that boot supports your ankles and promotes centre of gravity through the distribution of your weight through arch support, heel lock and a variable toe box, you have all of the elements to promote an effective and efficient skating technique. The DBX boot is one of the few skating boots on the market today to achieve this. This is just part of the reason that the Neon package should be considered one of the best value - feature packed skate packages on the market at the moment! No matter how or where you skate, the NEON package has the support, durability, science and versatility to take your skating to the next level - and beyond!

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