Cheezeballs Gouda Skate Bearings 8mm

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  • 8mm, pressed Zirconium fiber ceramic balls, chrome steel races, nylon retainer

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Cheezeball Goudas are an excellent and affordable way to step up into the wonderful world of ceramic bearings. The benefits of ceramic balls are numerous; ceramic balls are made out of some of the hardest materials on earth, which translates into a fast, LONG roll. They require less maintenance as a result and don't require as much lubrication, which increases bearing response and reduces the amount of contaminants picked up and retained by the bearing. Since ceramic balls are much harder than the steel races they come in contact with they act as dressing stones, effectively self-healing small imperfections on the race surface. Zirconium fiber ceramic is the most shatter-resistant ceramic available in skate bearings so these bearings are designed to handle hard hits and keep rolling. Combine those great qualities with corrosion-proof nylon cages and corrosion-resistant deep groove chrome steel races and you have a great, long lasting ceramic bearing at a price no one else can touch! As with all Cheezeball bearings, Goudas are ABEC-7 rated and are cleaned, dried, oiled, test spun and double sealed BY HAND to weed out any defects.